Tuesday, February 1, 2011


I can't believe January is already over! May will be here so soon and I can't wait! The girls birthdays will also be here soon and Maddi can't wait for that!

We went into Longview last weekend to visit family and friends. It's so hectic just getting everything/everyone packed up and ready to spend the weekend away from home. Especially with an infant! I was so glad when we finally got going! However this didn't last long. On the way there, Maddi took her boots off so she could lay down. Worst smell ever. She had "forgotten" to wear socks that day to school. It was awful! We had all the windows rolled down, Maddi never stopped laughing. Finally we pulled over at a convenient store and bought some Lysol disinfectant spray. Yes it was that bad! To this day, she still thinks it was the funniest thing ever. Barf.

We went to see Nee Nee (Renee) and visited with her for a while. We love going over there. Maddi has her own little playroom with toys. Lots of Disney movies and candy! Also, Maddi loves Mo and Jo. (This is why she wanted to be nicknamed Mo...before she chose corn head.) We love Nee Nee, Reed, Paige and Tyler!

Then we went to my parent's house and we made some tacos and sat around and visited until midnight! We saw Taylor for a brief few minutes while he was taking a break from his game. Intense Xbox or whatever game. The one where you talk to other people on some sort of headphone/microphone piece who are also playing. This is what I heard most. "Danger, Danger do you read me?" He's so funny to me. I wish I had counted the number of times I randomly (running up the stairs, laying in bed one morning, walking around) heard him say/yell out  "Hooooooow much wood could a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood." or "Doll Doll where's my coffee?" My family is awesome. Couldn't have asked for anything better!

We drove back home Sunday afternoon. Maddi fell asleep in Macy's car seat and Macy played with her hair and talked most of the way home. We have some awesome kiddos. Monday I feel like I cleaned the house all day and squeezed in a trip to Walmart with Macer just before Maddi got home from school. Maddi danced and sang for Macy to keep her entertained while I finished up supper. Mrs. Lewis (Maddi's K teacher) told us she was the best listener that she has ever had. We are so proud of how well she does in school. She got to go to the treasure box at school and picked an alien.         .....

Women's Bible study was today and we are starting a new Beth Moore study! I think it's going to be really good. Very excited about this! Macy is not so thrilled about going to a nursery for 2 hours. Poor thing. She loves being held and walked around. I don't blame her. All the other babies her age are twice her size. I'll hold her as long as she wants to be held.

Maddi has gymnastics again tonight! She climbed all the way to the top of the rope last week. Josh bought her ice cream for this. She was so proud of herself. And she should be.

This looks like an apron to me.
It's not supposed to.

I made her little shirt and jeans. Her shirt is a little big but it had to fit over that head!

Going to bed at Mimi and Papa's!

This was no joke!

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