Tuesday, December 28, 2010

"Chicka Fil A"

Today was fun, I took the girls shopping and then Maddi chose "chicka fil a" for lunch! I love how she has always called it that and how I have never even thought to correct her. Alot of funny/embarrassing things happened today while we were shopping. My favorite was us three trying to go down the escalator at Dillards. Never has Maddi been scared to go up or down these. Never has she cried about getting on one. Also never have I tried getting two kids and a stroller and some bags down one. I'm carrying Macy and we get on the escalator to go down. Maddi is pushing the stroller (small umbrella stroller) and has a complete meltdown at the top of the escalator, AFTER Macy and I are already 1/4th of the way down. So I try walking back up the escalator (carrying Macy) but then soon realize I'm staying in the same spot as it keeps going down. By now, we have caught the attention of several older ladies who just stare. I can only imagine how funny we really looked. Anyways, she ends up getting on after I had to talk her through it while I was still on the escalator, walking upwards but getting no closer to her. When we finally made it down I was laughing and Maddi was laughing and crying and "hoping no one in my class saw that." We left after that.

We ran in and out of a few more stores but didn't see much of anything. Maddi sang different Christmas songs every time we got in the car. I loved it. I love her voice and I love how she tries so hard to make it sound like an adult is actually singing. She'll say "Mom, I  bet you thought that was the radio. It was really me."

We had a great little lunch at Chicka Fil A and watched Maddi play for a little while on the playground. She traded in her toy for an ice cream cone and we headed back home. When we got home, I got Macy out of the carseat and noticed she had an ice cream mustache. I asked Maddi how that happened and she said she couldn't remember and then skipped off to her room.

I love being a mother to these two sweet and funny girls.

Sunday, December 26, 2010


Merry Christmas!
We had such a great Christmas and are so blessed by our wonderful families. I loved getting to spend so much time with my husband over this break. No work or school.  Maddi had a great time opening gifts. She loved everything. Macy loved being around people and getting held all the time! She is such a great baby and was perfect while we were away from home. Josh and I both loved getting to sleep in past 6:45! My sister, Heidi, got up with Macy every morning! She was changed, fed, and happy every morning when we saw her. I am so thankful for my sister and all she does! She will be an awesome mother one day. One day very soon I hope!

 My brothers (18 & 10) both always go to the dollar store to pick out our gifts. They're usually some of our favorites. Last year, for example, Taylor got my sister and I 3 individual white socks. This year Taylor got us shaving cream- value size. haha. One of my favorite gifts was a handwritten note from Trip. I love it. Maddi's Elf, Jack Jolly, flew to my parents house on the 23rd. Maddi couldn't stop talking about how awesome this was. I will never forget her jumping up and down, running, and yelling hooray for Jack Jolly! I love her personality. We stayed with Josh's family on Christmas Eve night and loved getting to spend time and play games with them! We had Christmas lunch at my parents house and then played dominoes and ping pong the rest of the night. We finally went to bed around 1:00 after visiting with my parents, Trip, and Heidi and Mitchell. 

On the 26th we went out to eat for Josh's pappaw's birthday and really enjoyed visiting with his grandparents. Later, we loaded up the car and came home to Tyler. Maddi fell asleep on the way home in Macy's lap. Maddi woke up about 30 minutes later when Macy wouldn't stop grabbing her nose and cheeks! Macy thought this was very funny, Maddi did not. At all. 

We love these girls.

Before Christmas Eve Service

Love these legs


Monday, December 20, 2010

One Fun Weekend

It was a very busy weekend for all of us! We all had a lot of fun but are definitely glad to be back home. On Friday, my cousin Samantha graduated!! We all were able to go to the graduation then ate with family and friends afterwards. We stayed with my parents on Friday and visited with Kortnee and Kyle most of the night. They are like family to us! On Saturday, I took the girls to Andee's 3rd birthday! Maddi had so much fun running around and playing with the other kids. We love their sweet little family and can't wait for them to move back! While we were at the party, Josh was at Paiges graduation. We then spent the rest of the night hanging out with family and came back to Tyler on Sunday! Today, we had a little MOPS playdate and Santa came to see all of the kids. Maddi loved this. I hate that I forgot my camera. Thank you Jennifer for taking these pictures of the girls with Santa! Maddi is out of school for the next two weeks! She is so excited about getting to stay up "late" (past 7:30!) Macy loves when she is home, she is such the entertainer! So far she has been doing a lot of different crafts, making up new karate moves, and being silly for sister. Tonight we are finishing up (hopefully) our Christmas shopping. We love the Holidays! Earlier I was telling Maddi that we would get to see Heidi and Mitchell this week and she said "Heidi and Mitchell....oh yess I remember them"  :)

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christmas Fun

Today was Maddi's Christmas party at school. She had so much fun! They had a book swap and cupcakes-theres not much that can top that! It was so fun getting to watch her interact with other kids in her class. She's so kind and funny! We all adore her teacher, Mrs. Lewis and are so thankful that she has her for her teacher. I had MOPS today and we had a cookie exchange which was lots of fun. We have SO many cookies! Maddi and I decided that we would bag some up and take them to some of our neighbors. Maddi loves doing things like this. Maddi is still talking to the elf all the time, that is such a cute idea! While I was at Maddi's Christmas party, Josh came home to keep Macy. She had her first "lunge" today haha. She will be crawling so soon and we can't wait to watch her. Josh is finally done with this semester! We couldn't be more proud of him. 

Getting ready to do some shopping!

Love love love her

This is where the Elf flew to the next morning!

We love the Holidays.
Notice the Elf?

Book Swap!

Maddi and her good friend Landon

Maddi and her sweet friend Lily Ann

Maddi and Mrs. Lewis

Cookie Exchange!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Birthday Girl!

23 years ago my mom gave birth to her favorite 9 pound little girl! :) I am so lucky to have her as a mom! Today, I plan on getting some Christmas shopping done, having lunch with Josh, and enjoying the day with my family! Last night was Josh's Christmas party for work. We had such a great time. We love all the people he gets to work with! Shelly Ballou (one of my old babysitters!) came over to keep the girls while we went. Our family loves her and her family!! Nee Nee sent the girls a little Christmas package yesterday and The Elf on the Shelf was one of the things she sent. Maddi loved it and is taking it very serious. She has told the elf all about herself and all about what she wants for Christmas this year. I love it! Macy is sitting up by herself now!!! We are so proud of her. When Maddi got home from school yesterday she saw Macy sitting up by herself and she sang her this song "Go Macy, Go Macy, It's your birthday, not really, we'll say it anyways. Go Macy, Go Macy, It's your birthday, not really, we'll say it anyways!"
I love my Manny.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

My First Post!

I have decided to finally start a little blog about our little family and our everyday fun. I have been wanting to for some time now and finally decided to do it! I will try to keep it updated often and post some pictures of our sweet girls! I hope to be able to look back on this and be so thankful that I had started it. As of right now- Josh is in graduate school with one final left before his final semester! (Thank God) He has been studying and working so hard and we're all very proud of him! I get to be a stay at home mom to the two sweetest girls. I also work PRN as a nurse in Trauma ICU and I love it and love the people I get to work with. Maddi is 5 and is in Kindergarten and learning so much everyday! Macy is 7months (where did the time go??) and is the happiest baby we know. We are all so excited for Christmas and looking forward to spending time with family. We love our families!