Monday, December 20, 2010

One Fun Weekend

It was a very busy weekend for all of us! We all had a lot of fun but are definitely glad to be back home. On Friday, my cousin Samantha graduated!! We all were able to go to the graduation then ate with family and friends afterwards. We stayed with my parents on Friday and visited with Kortnee and Kyle most of the night. They are like family to us! On Saturday, I took the girls to Andee's 3rd birthday! Maddi had so much fun running around and playing with the other kids. We love their sweet little family and can't wait for them to move back! While we were at the party, Josh was at Paiges graduation. We then spent the rest of the night hanging out with family and came back to Tyler on Sunday! Today, we had a little MOPS playdate and Santa came to see all of the kids. Maddi loved this. I hate that I forgot my camera. Thank you Jennifer for taking these pictures of the girls with Santa! Maddi is out of school for the next two weeks! She is so excited about getting to stay up "late" (past 7:30!) Macy loves when she is home, she is such the entertainer! So far she has been doing a lot of different crafts, making up new karate moves, and being silly for sister. Tonight we are finishing up (hopefully) our Christmas shopping. We love the Holidays! Earlier I was telling Maddi that we would get to see Heidi and Mitchell this week and she said "Heidi and Mitchell....oh yess I remember them"  :)


  1. Maddi is SO creative! It warms my heart everytime I see her painting, coloring and making things out of plates and popsicle sticks. She's just like you! Trust me, your SO good at painting! (I remember that beach scene you painted in junior high) Keep the creative juices flowing! :)