Monday, February 28, 2011

Coffee and Prayer

That is the only thing getting me through this day! I am so tired. So tired of working out. Gone are the days of eating whatever whenever I wanted. So tired of having a sick, runny nose, coughing, tugging ears baby. More tired from her older sister. Where in the world did she get this attitude? She complained of everything this morning(the light burned her eyes, Macy was looking at her funny, her splinter that we removed last weekend was bothering her again) then she topped it off by racing her friend to the front door of school. Neither of them were laughing. In her sweet little 5 year old mind this was such a competition. And she was going to give it her all. Backpack on back and lunch in hand. I wish I could have seen her face. I also wish she'd get over this jealousy/competitiveness attitude. I'm working with her on that. Here's where we stand:

I was talking to Maddi about jealousy and bragging. She asked me what the word jealousy meant.

Me: It's like when Kenna (good friend of hers) gets a new toy that you want and you're unable to be happy for her because you're focusing only on yourself.

Maddi: Oh okay. I get it.

Maddi: (5seconds later) Hey next time when you explain that can you explain it like "I have a new toy and Kenna wants it really bad?"

I have prayed for patience way to many times already today.

I saw this on another blog I enjoy reading and thought I'd share:

Like most of you I am tired of the US Government taking its torture tips from Jack Bauer. First of all, Uncle Sam, Jack Bauer is not a real person. Of course neither is Uncle Sam, so one can see were the lines between real and fake could easily become blurred. Regardless, I think that it is time for the Government to get some tips form people who really know about torture: MOMS. That is right. Your average mom is tortured day in and day out both by  her children. Here are my top ten suggestions for how to effectively and almost humanly torture. They are sure to make the Spanish Inquisition cringe.

10. Repeat the same inane question over and over and over and over and over again to your captive until they crack or their ears bleed, whichever comes first. Might I suggest the classic, 'are we there yet?'

9. Force them to watch the same episode of Dora the Explorer, Wonder Pets or Telletubies on a continuous loop from 5am in the morning until 8pm at night. You may also substitute with Yo Gabba Gabba.

8. Have them mop an 10x10 foot room with real mop and a real bucket until it shines. Then drop a pound of sugar, a gallon of Kool-Aid and a dozen eggs in the middle of said floor and watch them fold like cheap suit.

7. Tell them they get to take their first solo shower in 8 months and then open to shower door every 10 seconds and ask, 'watcha doing?' over and over and over and over again.

6. Make them cook an elaborate meal, have them set the table just so, allow to sit down and as they start to eat, ask them to get up and get you something. Repeat until their meal is cold and then demand they start your bath.

5. Enlist them in a system of carpool drop-offs and pick-ups so complex that it would make Tom Clancy's brain bleed. Then make them do it in a station wagon with malfunctioning windows and no attenna.

4. Force them to sit through weeks of allergy testing under the guise of proper healthcare. They will be poked dozens on times with small razor blades containing itch inducing ingredients, forced to sit still for 30 minutes WITHOUT scraping and then told that the test was null and void because of their delicate terrorist skin.

3. Strap them into a car, drive them down a boring stretch of highway and force to listen to the Wiggles for 10 hours strait while someone kicks the back of their seat constantly.

2. Never let them poop alone, in fact stand directly to their right asking repeatedly if you can flush the toilet for them the entire they are trying to go.

1. Wake them up ever two hours demanding milk and a diaper change.
I love my sweet girls and I love being a mommy to them. Some days they just wear me out!

No more complaining, I promise!
On Friday, Christy came over and we sewed together. This is was so fun getting to visit (with an adult) and sew at the same time! I hope to do this more often. 
This weekend we went to the marriage seminar with Gary Smalley and Ted Cunningham. We loved it! It was so informative and just what we needed. We went with the Carrs, some good friends of ours from Tyler, but who are also moving to Longview! Yay! Anyways, we learned a lot and were so glad to be able to go. Paige kept the girls for us while were there all day from 9-3. We owe you Paige! I know it's a lot of work but the girls love her and love hanging out over at Nee Nee's. 
We stayed at my parents house and looked at houseplans, browsed through different home decorating magazines, and viewed millions of online kitchens, living rooms, dining rooms etc. I do this all the time and love it. It's not Josh's favorite thing to do. He is however, excited about moving and building and so am I. We put a contract on a lot in White Oak. I will be very excited if it all works out. I'm trying not to get my hopes up! 
One Sunday before Church

Playing with her food that has fallen to the bottom of her exersaucer. Yum.

Concentrating so hard on her V-Reader.

Favorite thing about this picture? The BB gun I just noticed.

Yes, Trip is wearing shorts.

Macy loves her papaw!

Loves uncle Tay too. Taylor said, "Does my hair really look like that?" 

This is how I want my front porch to look.
This could be really creepy if its your home. I'm sorry!

The street where our lot is.

Our lot! (Hopefully!) :)

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Muffins can blow up.

This morning Maddi chose some blueberry muffins for breakfast. So we made the mix, poured them into our little muffin pan, and popped them in oven. Then we went back to her room to get dressed and get Mace out of her crib. Only to later come back in the kitchen to see that the muffins had somehow exploded in the oven! How that even happens I have no idea. Maddi had to eat a banana for breakfast instead. She wasn't too pleased about this.

I have missed all my workouts this week as well as MOPS. I am trying to not take Macy to a nursery until she is completely better. No runny nose, cough, or throw up. This is much harder than I thought! I did go to my Tuesday morning Bible study. (I really needed it that morning!) It was just Macy and Huck in the nursery. Also, I did get to pick up a shift up at work!

One of my favorite stories about Maddi and school is one she told me about a couple of days ago. I'm still laughing just thinking about it. The way she was so clueless about it all. Her teacher had told the class to write the names of a color or number on the chalkboard. Then they could write whatever they wanted after that. When it was Maddi's turn she chose to write a color instead of a number. She chose to write BLACK. Then she chose to write her friend (who sits beside her) Kyran's name. The chalk board read BLACK KYRAN. 

It took everything Josh and I had to not laugh at her story in front of her. Especially when she said "My teacher just looked at it, read it out loud, and walked off." (Her teacher was also probably trying to hide her disbelief and laughter as well)

Oh Manny.

This weekend we are attending a marriage seminar in Longview hosted by Gary Smalley at Mobberly. I can't wait! Although, now that I think about it, I still need to find someone to keep Maddi and Macy on Saturday. I wish I was a better planner and organizer. 

When Mace wakes up from her morning nap we're going for a walk (hopefully, I really need too! I have ate WAYY too much of some friendship bread!) and then we're going to an estate sale here in Tyler. This is one of our favorite things to do on Thursday/Friday mornings whenever we're not going to Canton. How fun would it be to have a little booth there? I'm not sure what I'd sell but it'd be fun just to hang out there all weekend, walk around with the girls, visit with people, shopping. So fun! 

Monday, February 21, 2011


The other day Maddi saw a small spider walk across the floor and said O.N.G mom!! I couldn't stop laughing. She clearly meant to say OMG but has no idea what those letters even stand for. She thinks it's a word all in itself. She loves sounding like a grown up. Or at least attempting to.

We went into Longview last week and looked at a lot that we're thinking about building on! Oh yeah, we're moving! We will be moving in the Summer once Maddi finishes up the school year and Josh graduates. Josh will be working for my dad as well as the current place he works for. We're really excited about this!! I will work one or two days/week at a local hospital. We (Josh) has decided on White Oak. I'm still praying about that decision. :) If I was smarter, I'd love to home-school them. But for now, White Oak it is. Maddi is so happy to be closer to her grandparents and other family. She has already told her teacher and classmates. I feel like we've moved so much already. This is our third house! Hopefully, this will be it. Hopefully.

Macy got much better a couple days ago but is now running a low grade fever and coughing and the drainage is back :( She's playing and acting fine, I just wish it would go away.

I took the girls to Wal Mart this morning to get groceries. Maddi loves being the big sister and helping out. She got to choose one item since she was so helpful. She chose a box of 64 markers for her "art studio." (Our extra linen closet) Macy wanted to be held the whole time which made it real interesting while pushing the buggy with one hand and trying to tell Maddi to stop doing cartwheels down the aisle. She did her first one while I wasn't looking and a lady gave her a thumbs up. That's all she needed. Macy fell asleep on the way home while Maddi sang to her little barbie. We'll be going for a walk once Mace wakes up, the weather is awesome here.

The other day when Maddi woke up at 5:30AM she came into our room (Josh was leaving to go work out) and got up in bed with me. I tell her it's not time to wake up yet but she can sleep in here with me until we get up. She said okay then 3 minutes later this is what I hear, " you" Then she starts to tap my shoulder. I told her it's not time to get up yet lets just go back to sleep and be quiet. She says "I'm not tired right now, can I just lay in here and make funny faces at you while you sleep?" "Yes, cornhead, you may."

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Amoxicillin we love you.

Macy was sick the day of her little baby dedication. She had pink eye, left ear infection, and an upper respiratory infection. We took her to a little urgent care facility here in Tyler (we love them) and got her all fixed up on eye drops and amoxicillin. She was much better within about 48hours. How grateful I am for healthy kids. My sister came down and stayed the weekend with us. Maddi and Macy just adore her. She loves playing, holding, drawing, and reading to them. We love her. Also, she got us addicted on 24. Such a good show!

My parents came over on Sunday and had lunch with us. My mom and Taylor made Maddi and Macy a little book that you can record while you read. It's so funny. Maddi has listened to it every day.

On Valentines Day we went and ate lunch with Maddi at her school. We ate outside at the little picnic area and then went to the book fair. She was so so happy to see us. Macy loved being outside.

I had my Bible study yesterday which I love. (Mainly because it keeps me accountable for reading my Bible) Sad, I know. I love learning so much about David. It's all so interesting! Macy did good in the nursery but was very sleepy when we got home. She has started pulling up on things now all the way to a standing position. She is crawling all over the house, too. I can no longer put her down and walk out of the room-she'll be in Maddi's room as fast as she can get there! Maddi has decided to sleep on a pallet right beside her bed. She has all of her stuffed animals, pillow pals, pillows, blankets, and baby dolls lined up perfectly on the pallet. Macy loves this just as much as Maddi does.

I finally figured out how to make a romper/jumper. It turned out much better than the previous ones. Also, I am making some outfits for some friends. All they have to do is pay for the fabric! I really hope that they will fit. Back in November I went to a little store here in Tyler to find Mace a little outfit for Christmas. I found the cutest little tunic/pant outfit. Very simple and sweet and Christmas-y.      $75!    For a little 6month old? She can only wear it a handful on times and that's only IF she doesn't spit up all over it. I still really wanted to buy it. It was that cute. However, I passed. I received a sewing machine for Christmas and love love love it. If I get better I would love to sew more fore other little girls.

Maddi is starting to read and write so well. I will scan some of her papers in later to show you. You will be impressed at her "wonderful spacing" :) She's so proud of herself. I am so thankful for her getting such a sweet Kindergarten teacher.

Friday, February 11, 2011

5 years ago..

I was lucky enough to marry this man!

Can't believe it's already been 5!
Thank you Josh for the wonderful husband you are.
Thank you for making raising these two girls so fun.
I am so lucky to have you.
I love you!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Amacy Grace

Guess who is 9 months old today!!
This girl!

We have been busy! I think I say that on every post. Oh well. I have been sewing more little dresses and jumpers for Macy. Josh only has about 12 more weeks of school! It can't come soon enough! Maddi has been busy working on Valentine cards for friends and Macy is crawling, pulling up on things, and babbling away. What a joy she is! Maddi, Macy and I all went to Hobby Lobby a few days ago (their fabric was 50% off!) and picked out fabric we liked. I had about 10 different bolts of fabric picked out (I have to choose these, if not everything would be barbie, princess, or dinosaur depending on Maddi's mood that day) then Maddi pointed out her favorites. This is what we've made so far.

Unfortunately this one didn't fit. So we're giving it to a friend.

I really didn't like the blue when Maddi chose it but she's right, Macy has nothing blue. Problem solved.And I think she likes it! 

Oh yeah, it snowed sometime last week. Maddi had a blast playing outside with Josh. 

Maddi's snow angel!

Back to sewing. Macy needed a new long sleeved shirt.

I really love how simple this dress is. I really don't love her hair here. Any tips?

I'm making a little sash for this one, then it will be complete!

She wore this with a white turtleneck and tights (Maddi's tights on accident) to Church last Sunday.

I made this a few weeks ago but got an M monogrammed on it.

We love a sweet jumper during the spring time!

Mimi bought some fabric for us and I'm working on a dress for Maddi out of it. It takes me much longer to get Maddi's finished. Mainly because theres 3x the amount of fabric. Also because she keeps getting in trouble for her attitude and poor listening.

 The most recent thing was when I told her that she needed to read her books to me while I was getting ready to go into work. She then slowly closes her eyes and drops her head back. You'd think I just told her someone was dead. She turns around pouting and stomping out of the room to go grab her backpack. She carries her backpack back to my room bumping into walls, falling on the floor as if the books in her backpack weigh 200 pounds. Finally somehow she made it back to my room and begins to read  but cries every time I have to correct her on a word. I try to reason with her but I realize that't not going to happen. Granted, logical reasoning isn't exactly a 5 year olds strong suit. Eventually she finished. I started talking to her about how I was thankful and appreciative that she obeyed me when I asked her to read but God wants us to have a good attitude when we obey. I went on for a while about this. When I was done I asked if she understood what I was talking about. She said, "Yeah, hey I think I saw a man today with only one leg."


So thankful to get to work that night!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Thankful for electricity!

Woke up around 6:30 to realize we have no power! How are we going to survive? Somehow we did and Maddi went off to school and Macy probably never knew anything was even different. Josh's work was without power for a while this morning. He played with Macy Lou (she loves getting this time with dad!) while I cleaned and got ready for a new workout class that I'm doing at Wood Creek. Did I mention we joined a gym? We did. The power came on for a brief few minutes before we left and then we all headed out the door. Macy did awesome in the nursery at the gym and I really enjoyed the class! I really needed that. The sweet young nursery worker was holding her and walking her around when I picked her up. And Macy was asleep! This was slowly turning into the the strangest day ever. The power was off when we came back home. It came back on for a few minutes just long enough for me to make some coffee! Yes, that was the first thing I did when it came back on. I was supposed to spend the afternoon sewing with a friend but we had to reschedule. This is a great day to read. It takes having no electricity before I will choose that option. I'm working on that!

I had to take a picture of her sleeping when I picked her up from the nursery. It's that rare.

There's Maddi girl on the rope! Sorry there blurry. I had to take them with my phone.

On her way down. She was too fast.

I just saw this picture again after I uploaded the first ones. I love it.