Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Our Home

I hope everyone had a great Fathers day! I am so blessed with the father, grandfather, and husband in my life! Love them so much. We don't do too much for Mothers Day, not because I'm a selfless angel, but because if we don't go all out on Mother's Day, we don't HAVE to go all out on Fathers Day. See how that works?

We grilled burgers, ate way too much pie, and played dominoes with family. I LOVE my husband and am so grateful for the love he has for our girls.

I had to go to Tyler today to pick up a few things from our house and go by the bank. Last time we left the house we were all in a hurry, trying to clean and move out.

I went back today for the first time in a few weeks. It was so quiet. So clean. Wasn't it just yesterday that I laid my sweet little infant into that crib? Or tucked Maddi into her little iron bed the night before Kindergarten. I hadn't realized how much I'd miss that house and all the sweet memories we'd leave behind.

SO, here is a list of the top ten things I miss about our home and Tyler in general. Come on, you knew this was coming.

1. The pitter patter of feet (and knees, Macy!) across the wood floor that creaked early in the morning.

2. Painting, re-decorating, and rearranging while Macy sat in her swing on the back porch.

3. Laying the kids down and rocking on the back porch with my husband. Talking about our girls, school, and          if I was lucky, ACCOUNTING.

4. Watching Maddi run As Fast As She Could up the sidewalk when she got dropped off from school.

5.Working out, eating lunch, and laughing with Allison Carr. 

6.Walking around the neighborhood with Josh and the girls. Smiling at each other watching Maddi ride her bike down the hill. 

7. Arguing with Josh about who has to drop Macy off in the nursery THIS time.

8. Fresh, The Potpourri House, and Stanleys

9. Rocking my 10 week old Macy outside for way too long most days, because there was just nothing better to do.

10. Being only about 40 minutes away from Canton.

11. Wearing my pajamas all day long. 

I had to add that one. 

We're enjoying Longview ALOT and enjoy being so close to friends and family. Maddi has made several new friends in the neighborhood and is at her first sleepover tonight! She loves it here. Macy is standing up but still refuses to take a step. AND Josh and I both love our jobs. 

I'll be off orientation next week and then I can go back working my usual one-to-two days/week. I love getting to stay home with my kids but work is such a nice break. REAL. LIVE. PEOPLE. who don't throw themselves on the floor and cry about having to wipe. 

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Loving my girls!

Sweet Sisters Making A Mess!

Our little artist

Loving the outside!

 She loves this bucket!

Just hangin' out

Football after work!

Maddi and Leighton. Isn't she tiny??!

Macy on the way to Church. 
Already dreading the nursery.

Watching the kids play

Macy and Sadie enjoying some pillows!

Animal crackers and juice. Doesn't get much better than that!

Love these girls!
Maddi's dentist appointment!
We'll be taking donations soon.

After they loaded her up on pain meds she got to watch a movie before the procedure

She did so well!

Right after her dental work I asked her to smile. :)

So sleepy! 

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Feeling So Blessed

We have officially moved to Longview! To my parents house! 
We are waiting on our house in Tyler to sale before we purchase another one. Thankfully, we were able to move in here and not have to pay ANOTHER mortgage. 

I thought that moving in here would be chaotic. So far, we love it. Probably a. little. too. much.

The last time we lived here I was 17, attempting to raise a colicky, fussy, sleep hating infant. We called that thing karma Maddi. Who knew that she would turn into such a wonderful child that I can't get enough of. Also, Josh was finishing up High School, taking college classes, and working. I was just starting Kilgore College and cramming in as many classes as I could. We watched our friends start planning dorm arrangements and listened to all of their plans about going off to college and getting away from this town. I felt like the biggest burden and disappointment here. COMPLETELY dependent on my parents. I couldn't wait until Josh and I could get out on our own. OH THE POSSIBILITIES! How proud my parents would be. And we'd never have to move back in. 

We got married at 18 and lived with my parents for about 5 months until we bought our first house. The FREEDOM! WRONG! More like, bills! and Yardwork! and  WHO AM I GOING TO ROCK ON THE FRONT PORCH WITH? Eventually we adjusted and finally I graduated and we moved to Tyler so I could work at a larger hospital and Josh finished up school at UT Tyler. 

Three years later, WE'RE BACK! And I thought it would be chaotic and just as crazy as before. However, I was wrong. My brothers are older now and  Trip will be moving out soon. Josh and I both have jobs and NO more school, Maddi sleeps through the night and doesn't scream 25 hours/day.

What a difference 5 years has made. 

What a blessing my parents are.

Now if I can just convince them to get a pool. And a maid.