Thursday, January 26, 2012

Thinking of you, Charlie Young!

Today, Macy and I are heading out of our house to get her sweet unborn cousin some gifts who should be here in just about 6 more weeks! We can't wait to meet him and hold him and kiss all over him. There is nothing sweeter than a newborn baby, especially when it's your sisters! Usually, we would wait until Maddi got home and us three girls could do this together, but Maddi wanted to make him something instead. And she can't wait for him to see it! 

Macy getting all ready to go!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Getting Organized

In one of my latest posts I talked about how we had decided to start working more with Macy and doing more educational driven playtime. Instead of me just taking pictures of her running around the house and texting them to Josh. SO we have actually kept it going and I have been making/buying more items to help with hand eye coordination, language development, and early writing development. 

I know that sentence sounded super mom bloggish.

HOWEVER, she is saying "Mommy" now. 
And nothing beats that sound!

I got several messages asking about the Montessori method and what books I had read to start teaching Macy. So here's some of them:
A Montessori Mother by Dorothy Canfield Fisher is one of the first I read. It's available for free to download online. Easier to read than the one by Maria Montessori.

The Montessori Method by Maria Montessori is one of the best. IF you can force yourself to read it all. It's also available for free to download online.

Teaching Montessori in the Home: The Preschool Years by Elizabeth Hainstock is available for around $6 used on Amazon. This helps with lesson planning! She also has one for The School Years that I have ordered but not yet received. Also available on Amazon. has lots of free downloads, cutouts, puzzles, memory matching games, science experiment tips, etc. for free. As well as links to other blogs. has lots of great montessori activities that are usually discounted.

I have purchased a few items for second graders for Maddi  to start doing some lessons with her during the Summer. Can you believe SECOND grade?? Anyways, I showed her the lesson plans that I have printed and put in a small binder and she lit up and said she couldn't wait! I think that goes for both of us. 

This morning Josh had to leave early to go to a seminar in Tyler and both girls were up and ready to play at 6:30. AM. We all got ready, made Maddi some breakfast, me some coffee, and took Maddi to school. This is usually Josh's duty- to drop her off at school before he heads to work. But I so enjoyed it today. All 10 minutes of it. Singing in the car, laughing at how silly Macy looks dancing, praying with her, encouraging her. Thinking what a blessing she truly is. Those are some of my favorite moments with her. 

When Macy and I got home, I made her her favorite grits and then grabbed the camera. She's feeding herself so well and out of her highchair. She's growing up so quick.
Remember this? The first time she ate baby food!

And this- the first time she ate her own blueberry muffin all by herself!

And her favorite. Malt-O-Meal

Stringing beads. She had a lot of trouble at first.

She mastered it. Taking a while to do it just right. So proud of her.

Wordless Wednesday (Yesterday)

I meant to post this yesterday but forgot. Shocker
Here's a quick update in pictures through the busy holiday season!

Love these two

Can't we be done??

Looking just like her daddy!

Living the life.

Waiting patiently for breakfast! 

Hide and Seek Swan!

At 6 and almost 2, this is pretty much their personalities!

Love this little acrobat!

Watching sister and daddy play!

Love these silly girls!

On the run!

The only time my hair looked decent curled. And only on that one side!

Loving on Aunt Heidi 

Still so beautiful during her LAST trimester!

Means more to me then she'll ever know!

We took a lot of pictures like this and THEN realized her shirt was up. Classy.

Playing with Mimi's nutcrackers while she's not looking!

Hey it's Uncle Tay Tay!

Really, how handsome is Charlie going to be??

Sweetest couple I know!

Mi Familia

One of Maddi's "most favorite person"

So sweet!


Lover Lover

Kisses for James

Hey Yaw'll Merry Christmas!!

Starbucks break during trivial pursuit

More Brothers and Sisters!

It's Nigh-Nigh!

The first bell of Christmas!
Look at that style.

More toys!

We love our Nee Nee!

The three preggers!