Friday, January 13, 2012

Baby Number Three!

Yes, we're expecting! We couldn't be more excited! I am about 13 weeks now and due July 24th. A nice hot Summer baby.

Also, we have decided to start doing some Montessori lessons and activities with Macy. This was my New Years resolution. So we started reading, getting activities, and learning as much about it as we could. I  really just wanted to send her to a local Montessori school and then hang out at Starbucks until it was time to pick her up but realized I'd be working more just to pay for her to go. Sometimes having a husband with an excel spreadsheet available at all times is even less awesome than it sounds. So we decided that I could do most of it myself with her at home. The hardest part is being organized and on a schedule. We just started Monday and we love it so far! Only a few hours a day of organized play time. Introducing new colors, practical life activities, and developing fine motor skills. If anyone has any advice I'll take it! I'm not expecting too much out of this since she's only 20months and I have a very limited knowledge base on the subject, but hopefully she'll learn a few new things.

Maddi is on level 14 in Reading now! I couldn't be more proud of her. This is nowhere above average, but if you knew where we started.. Her and Macy have started sleeping in the same (twin size) bed together and Maddi says this is the best thing about her life! I love the love that she has for her sister. I love the little lady that she is becoming. Attitude and all.

Josh's birthday is tomorrow and we all can't wait to celebrate him! I am so thankful for the father that he is. And so proud to be his wife!

Here's some pictures of Macy enjoying some play time while Maddi's been at school all week!

Just waking up and jumping on the bed!

Looking for her blue bowl that I "hid"

Still looking for it!

She found it!

Watching the loud trucks

Singing and playing

Transferring some water

Isn't she getting big??
So thankful to have another on the way!


  1. Will goes to a Montessori school and we love it! He gains so much from it! I also taught there for a while. If you want to email me some questions or I can email you some things to do with her. My email is And CONGRATS on the new little one!!

  2. So excited for you about the new baby! :) Macy is so cute! Love those dresses.

  3. Wish Josh a Happy Birthday again from us both, i just got back from Pecos Tx and will get with him when y'all soon, kiss the girls for me and i'll have to pencil and movie date with maddi when she's not busy, love you all. fiona xoxoxoxoo