Tuesday, June 26, 2012

We're still here!

I can't believe it's been so long since I've posted anything! SO much has happened. Here's a little update in pictures!

The biggest thing being the birth of our sweet nephew, Charlie! He was born March 14 weighing just over 7 pounds
Here he is just after he was born!

Look at him now! So big

So handsome and sweet

Love these cheeks.

Nothing sweeter than a sleeping baby

Beautiful sister and Charlie

Love this little face

Charlie as a newborn, so so sweet!

Feb 11 we celebrated our 6th anniversary!
Love him so much.

April 8 we got to see the first pictures of our little one!
Still don't know the gender and we are so excited to find out!

Maddi turned 7 on April 15!

Having fun at Sadies house!

We spent most of the spring playing and running outside!

And eating lots of watermelon

BFF's- they just don't know it yet

Love her little curls
Watching sister play softball!

Maddi's team got 2nd!
May 10, this little one turned 2! This is how we spent most of the day

Love this smiley girl
Maddi brought me breakfast in bed for mothers day!
Friendship award at her first grade graduation!
Right after school was out, we headed to Hot Springs with my family for vacation!

Sweet sisters!


We still take this blankey everywhere

Maddi knocked her four top teeth loose doing a flip in the pool and one came out! 

Having fun in the lake

Ready to catch some fish!

Charlie enjoying the boat ride

Watching uncle Trip on the tube

Burying Maddi!

Macy sitting by the pool. 

Right after that, we headed to San Antonio for a week with some friends!
The girls at Sea World!

Getting some tattoos

One of the car rides

Loving Sea World!

Playing in the car

The littlest girls were tired and not wanting to take anymore pictures. I love their little faces!
When we came back, I had to head to the hospital to be put on bedrest!
Labor was stopped and we're all back home now!

Today I'm 36 weeks and my last day of bed rest! 

During the middle of all that bed rest, we closed on our new house! Thanks to my mom, we're all moved in and it's decorated perfectly!

Little entry table

Living room

Master BR

Master BR again

Little armoire I bought at Canton for the nursery! 

Here are the girls and Sadie dancing in the living room. We're enjoying all this space after that apartment!

Maddi, Macy, Kate, and Huck playing and dancing!

Making cupcakes!
Making some paintings!

Macy's new toy from Nee Nee!

Loving having a yard again

Playing princess and dragons 

Hello Summer!