Tuesday, December 28, 2010

"Chicka Fil A"

Today was fun, I took the girls shopping and then Maddi chose "chicka fil a" for lunch! I love how she has always called it that and how I have never even thought to correct her. Alot of funny/embarrassing things happened today while we were shopping. My favorite was us three trying to go down the escalator at Dillards. Never has Maddi been scared to go up or down these. Never has she cried about getting on one. Also never have I tried getting two kids and a stroller and some bags down one. I'm carrying Macy and we get on the escalator to go down. Maddi is pushing the stroller (small umbrella stroller) and has a complete meltdown at the top of the escalator, AFTER Macy and I are already 1/4th of the way down. So I try walking back up the escalator (carrying Macy) but then soon realize I'm staying in the same spot as it keeps going down. By now, we have caught the attention of several older ladies who just stare. I can only imagine how funny we really looked. Anyways, she ends up getting on after I had to talk her through it while I was still on the escalator, walking upwards but getting no closer to her. When we finally made it down I was laughing and Maddi was laughing and crying and "hoping no one in my class saw that." We left after that.

We ran in and out of a few more stores but didn't see much of anything. Maddi sang different Christmas songs every time we got in the car. I loved it. I love her voice and I love how she tries so hard to make it sound like an adult is actually singing. She'll say "Mom, I  bet you thought that was the radio. It was really me."

We had a great little lunch at Chicka Fil A and watched Maddi play for a little while on the playground. She traded in her toy for an ice cream cone and we headed back home. When we got home, I got Macy out of the carseat and noticed she had an ice cream mustache. I asked Maddi how that happened and she said she couldn't remember and then skipped off to her room.

I love being a mother to these two sweet and funny girls.


  1. I am laughing so hard right now reading about your adventure on the escalator! Oh my gosh, I wish I could have seen that!

  2. Kyle and I just died!! Oh my goodness that girl is a hoot! :)