Sunday, December 26, 2010


Merry Christmas!
We had such a great Christmas and are so blessed by our wonderful families. I loved getting to spend so much time with my husband over this break. No work or school.  Maddi had a great time opening gifts. She loved everything. Macy loved being around people and getting held all the time! She is such a great baby and was perfect while we were away from home. Josh and I both loved getting to sleep in past 6:45! My sister, Heidi, got up with Macy every morning! She was changed, fed, and happy every morning when we saw her. I am so thankful for my sister and all she does! She will be an awesome mother one day. One day very soon I hope!

 My brothers (18 & 10) both always go to the dollar store to pick out our gifts. They're usually some of our favorites. Last year, for example, Taylor got my sister and I 3 individual white socks. This year Taylor got us shaving cream- value size. haha. One of my favorite gifts was a handwritten note from Trip. I love it. Maddi's Elf, Jack Jolly, flew to my parents house on the 23rd. Maddi couldn't stop talking about how awesome this was. I will never forget her jumping up and down, running, and yelling hooray for Jack Jolly! I love her personality. We stayed with Josh's family on Christmas Eve night and loved getting to spend time and play games with them! We had Christmas lunch at my parents house and then played dominoes and ping pong the rest of the night. We finally went to bed around 1:00 after visiting with my parents, Trip, and Heidi and Mitchell. 

On the 26th we went out to eat for Josh's pappaw's birthday and really enjoyed visiting with his grandparents. Later, we loaded up the car and came home to Tyler. Maddi fell asleep on the way home in Macy's lap. Maddi woke up about 30 minutes later when Macy wouldn't stop grabbing her nose and cheeks! Macy thought this was very funny, Maddi did not. At all. 

We love these girls.

Before Christmas Eve Service

Love these legs


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