Monday, January 24, 2011

Sick Girl

We had a great weekend. I worked Friday night and then slept a little when I got home Saturday morning. We had a very relaxing Saturday. I made a few outfits for the girls and Josh cleaned out the garage and helped me out around the house. On Sunday, Maddi woke up with a 103 temp! She laid on the couch most of the day and woke up every four hours to get tylenol or motrin. She started feeling a little bit better last night but was able to stay home from school today. She will be without a fever for 24 hours around 10:00 tonight! She's excited about going back to school tomorrow.

Macy's little tooth is becoming more and more visible and now she has something in her mouth at all times. She is crawling so well now and starting to pull up on things alot more. She's growing so fast!

I have Women's Bible Study tomorrow and MOPS on Thursday! So excited about both of these!

Last night Maddi and I were talking and she said,
"Mom, can my nickname be Mo?"
"Sure, Mo"
"Wait nevermind I want to be called corn-head."

Here are the little outfits/ shirt I made for the girls.
The jumper is  for Macy and shirt for Maddi

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  1. I just busted out in laughter in my office reading the part about your cornhead daughter. She is so so so so so so funny.