Thursday, February 24, 2011

Muffins can blow up.

This morning Maddi chose some blueberry muffins for breakfast. So we made the mix, poured them into our little muffin pan, and popped them in oven. Then we went back to her room to get dressed and get Mace out of her crib. Only to later come back in the kitchen to see that the muffins had somehow exploded in the oven! How that even happens I have no idea. Maddi had to eat a banana for breakfast instead. She wasn't too pleased about this.

I have missed all my workouts this week as well as MOPS. I am trying to not take Macy to a nursery until she is completely better. No runny nose, cough, or throw up. This is much harder than I thought! I did go to my Tuesday morning Bible study. (I really needed it that morning!) It was just Macy and Huck in the nursery. Also, I did get to pick up a shift up at work!

One of my favorite stories about Maddi and school is one she told me about a couple of days ago. I'm still laughing just thinking about it. The way she was so clueless about it all. Her teacher had told the class to write the names of a color or number on the chalkboard. Then they could write whatever they wanted after that. When it was Maddi's turn she chose to write a color instead of a number. She chose to write BLACK. Then she chose to write her friend (who sits beside her) Kyran's name. The chalk board read BLACK KYRAN. 

It took everything Josh and I had to not laugh at her story in front of her. Especially when she said "My teacher just looked at it, read it out loud, and walked off." (Her teacher was also probably trying to hide her disbelief and laughter as well)

Oh Manny.

This weekend we are attending a marriage seminar in Longview hosted by Gary Smalley at Mobberly. I can't wait! Although, now that I think about it, I still need to find someone to keep Maddi and Macy on Saturday. I wish I was a better planner and organizer. 

When Mace wakes up from her morning nap we're going for a walk (hopefully, I really need too! I have ate WAYY too much of some friendship bread!) and then we're going to an estate sale here in Tyler. This is one of our favorite things to do on Thursday/Friday mornings whenever we're not going to Canton. How fun would it be to have a little booth there? I'm not sure what I'd sell but it'd be fun just to hang out there all weekend, walk around with the girls, visit with people, shopping. So fun! 

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