Thursday, February 10, 2011

Amacy Grace

Guess who is 9 months old today!!
This girl!

We have been busy! I think I say that on every post. Oh well. I have been sewing more little dresses and jumpers for Macy. Josh only has about 12 more weeks of school! It can't come soon enough! Maddi has been busy working on Valentine cards for friends and Macy is crawling, pulling up on things, and babbling away. What a joy she is! Maddi, Macy and I all went to Hobby Lobby a few days ago (their fabric was 50% off!) and picked out fabric we liked. I had about 10 different bolts of fabric picked out (I have to choose these, if not everything would be barbie, princess, or dinosaur depending on Maddi's mood that day) then Maddi pointed out her favorites. This is what we've made so far.

Unfortunately this one didn't fit. So we're giving it to a friend.

I really didn't like the blue when Maddi chose it but she's right, Macy has nothing blue. Problem solved.And I think she likes it! 

Oh yeah, it snowed sometime last week. Maddi had a blast playing outside with Josh. 

Maddi's snow angel!

Back to sewing. Macy needed a new long sleeved shirt.

I really love how simple this dress is. I really don't love her hair here. Any tips?

I'm making a little sash for this one, then it will be complete!

She wore this with a white turtleneck and tights (Maddi's tights on accident) to Church last Sunday.

I made this a few weeks ago but got an M monogrammed on it.

We love a sweet jumper during the spring time!

Mimi bought some fabric for us and I'm working on a dress for Maddi out of it. It takes me much longer to get Maddi's finished. Mainly because theres 3x the amount of fabric. Also because she keeps getting in trouble for her attitude and poor listening.

 The most recent thing was when I told her that she needed to read her books to me while I was getting ready to go into work. She then slowly closes her eyes and drops her head back. You'd think I just told her someone was dead. She turns around pouting and stomping out of the room to go grab her backpack. She carries her backpack back to my room bumping into walls, falling on the floor as if the books in her backpack weigh 200 pounds. Finally somehow she made it back to my room and begins to read  but cries every time I have to correct her on a word. I try to reason with her but I realize that't not going to happen. Granted, logical reasoning isn't exactly a 5 year olds strong suit. Eventually she finished. I started talking to her about how I was thankful and appreciative that she obeyed me when I asked her to read but God wants us to have a good attitude when we obey. I went on for a while about this. When I was done I asked if she understood what I was talking about. She said, "Yeah, hey I think I saw a man today with only one leg."


So thankful to get to work that night!

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