Monday, February 21, 2011


The other day Maddi saw a small spider walk across the floor and said O.N.G mom!! I couldn't stop laughing. She clearly meant to say OMG but has no idea what those letters even stand for. She thinks it's a word all in itself. She loves sounding like a grown up. Or at least attempting to.

We went into Longview last week and looked at a lot that we're thinking about building on! Oh yeah, we're moving! We will be moving in the Summer once Maddi finishes up the school year and Josh graduates. Josh will be working for my dad as well as the current place he works for. We're really excited about this!! I will work one or two days/week at a local hospital. We (Josh) has decided on White Oak. I'm still praying about that decision. :) If I was smarter, I'd love to home-school them. But for now, White Oak it is. Maddi is so happy to be closer to her grandparents and other family. She has already told her teacher and classmates. I feel like we've moved so much already. This is our third house! Hopefully, this will be it. Hopefully.

Macy got much better a couple days ago but is now running a low grade fever and coughing and the drainage is back :( She's playing and acting fine, I just wish it would go away.

I took the girls to Wal Mart this morning to get groceries. Maddi loves being the big sister and helping out. She got to choose one item since she was so helpful. She chose a box of 64 markers for her "art studio." (Our extra linen closet) Macy wanted to be held the whole time which made it real interesting while pushing the buggy with one hand and trying to tell Maddi to stop doing cartwheels down the aisle. She did her first one while I wasn't looking and a lady gave her a thumbs up. That's all she needed. Macy fell asleep on the way home while Maddi sang to her little barbie. We'll be going for a walk once Mace wakes up, the weather is awesome here.

The other day when Maddi woke up at 5:30AM she came into our room (Josh was leaving to go work out) and got up in bed with me. I tell her it's not time to wake up yet but she can sleep in here with me until we get up. She said okay then 3 minutes later this is what I hear, " you" Then she starts to tap my shoulder. I told her it's not time to get up yet lets just go back to sleep and be quiet. She says "I'm not tired right now, can I just lay in here and make funny faces at you while you sleep?" "Yes, cornhead, you may."


  1. Holly! You have such a beautiful family. It's upsetting that you are leaving the Tyler area before we got to hang out. I mean White Oak isn't that far away,'s White Oak :)I'm so happy for you all!

  2. Tell Cornhead that Kornydog has a bed just for her at the White Oak house. Kyle and I both laughed out loud at this WHOLE thing! We love and miss y'all so much and can't wait to see y'all soon! Can't wait to give the girls a little friend! (I miss your monthly texts! Haha) :)

  3. Lauren-My thoughts exactly! Haha:)

    Kornydog- She'd love to come hang out with you anytime! You two artists need to get together!:)