Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Amoxicillin we love you.

Macy was sick the day of her little baby dedication. She had pink eye, left ear infection, and an upper respiratory infection. We took her to a little urgent care facility here in Tyler (we love them) and got her all fixed up on eye drops and amoxicillin. She was much better within about 48hours. How grateful I am for healthy kids. My sister came down and stayed the weekend with us. Maddi and Macy just adore her. She loves playing, holding, drawing, and reading to them. We love her. Also, she got us addicted on 24. Such a good show!

My parents came over on Sunday and had lunch with us. My mom and Taylor made Maddi and Macy a little book that you can record while you read. It's so funny. Maddi has listened to it every day.

On Valentines Day we went and ate lunch with Maddi at her school. We ate outside at the little picnic area and then went to the book fair. She was so so happy to see us. Macy loved being outside.

I had my Bible study yesterday which I love. (Mainly because it keeps me accountable for reading my Bible) Sad, I know. I love learning so much about David. It's all so interesting! Macy did good in the nursery but was very sleepy when we got home. She has started pulling up on things now all the way to a standing position. She is crawling all over the house, too. I can no longer put her down and walk out of the room-she'll be in Maddi's room as fast as she can get there! Maddi has decided to sleep on a pallet right beside her bed. She has all of her stuffed animals, pillow pals, pillows, blankets, and baby dolls lined up perfectly on the pallet. Macy loves this just as much as Maddi does.

I finally figured out how to make a romper/jumper. It turned out much better than the previous ones. Also, I am making some outfits for some friends. All they have to do is pay for the fabric! I really hope that they will fit. Back in November I went to a little store here in Tyler to find Mace a little outfit for Christmas. I found the cutest little tunic/pant outfit. Very simple and sweet and Christmas-y.      $75!    For a little 6month old? She can only wear it a handful on times and that's only IF she doesn't spit up all over it. I still really wanted to buy it. It was that cute. However, I passed. I received a sewing machine for Christmas and love love love it. If I get better I would love to sew more fore other little girls.

Maddi is starting to read and write so well. I will scan some of her papers in later to show you. You will be impressed at her "wonderful spacing" :) She's so proud of herself. I am so thankful for her getting such a sweet Kindergarten teacher.

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