Friday, April 29, 2011

Just some pictures

Because I'm too tired to write anything!
Also, the last time I wrote something when I worked a night shift and had gotten no sleep, I rambled on about a conversation Maddi and I had about farts. Because EVERYTHING is so funny when you're exhausted. 

Sweet Little Manny

She could run all day long! 

Loves to dance! 

Do you see what I see? CURLS! Just like Maddi had

We love watching her play

Playtime with sister before going to bed

Maddi showing her some gymnastics


Maddi loves Fancy Nancy anything. ESPECIALLY Fancy Nancy's clothes. 
Mismatched, frilly, and bright. Those are the requirements!

Jumping around the house!

LOVE LOVE LOVE these little Summer Sandals! Thanks Nee Nee!