Thursday, April 21, 2011

Easter Fun!

Today is Maddi's Easter party at school! She is so so so excited! She, WAS NOT so excited this morning when  her Easter basket that has been under her bed for. the. last. five. years. was not there this morning.

She was upset about having to take her metal Easter Basket (that is so so so cute!!!) because everyone else had plastic. Or "bendable" ones. She told me yesterday that metal was gross and she was pretty sure that "like something could be growing in there" And I'm all, "Really?? Can it entertain Macy for the day?" 

Anyways, we couldn't find any Easter basket this morning so she took one of Macy's little bags. Little for a bag, HUGE for an Easter basket. Anyways, she loved it and modeled it the whole time while at school. 

Macy and I went to her party and enjoyed watching her jump, hop, and skip around to find the eggs. Macy enjoyed being outside and eating my arm. Shouldn't she be close to done with this whole teething thing? 

Also, while we were there there was another lady and baby there watching. The baby was in one of those baby bjorn carriers, you know the one where the baby look likes they did a jumping jack and Froze In Mid Air. How is that even comfortable? Macy would so chew her way out. But, how nice it would be to have two hands again! Oh the possibilities!

This sounded cute. 

Maddi and world's largest Easter basket!

Maddi and her friend Lilly Anne
Isn't she sweet?

Macy in the wind

Look at those teeth!

This is our model pose. Macy is rockin it.

Hey there crawler!


Maddi and her golf set from dad!

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