Thursday, April 14, 2011

Love this life

I worked last night and have not slept in FOR. EV. ER. Or so it feels. Macy knows this and is totally waiting for me to slip off into some deep slumber so she can play with the outlets. 

Maddi had gymnastics today and all the girls (like 30) held hands to form a large circle around her and ran merry go round style around her as they sang happy birthday. Oh how I wish I had my video camera. It was possibly the happiest I have ever seen her. Almost made me tear up just watching her smiling and laughing so much. Until Rambo baby almost Pulled All Of My Hair Out. 

Macy and I went to Wal-Mart to grab some groceries and one last toy for Maddi before tomorrow while she was at Gym. As we were looking through the fruit I overheard this conversation. 

Little (I use that term loosely) boy around 9 sitting indian style in the buggy.

No wait theres more.

Boy (friendly enough): "Mom can we get these chocolate cupcakes?"
Mom (appalled he would ask such a thing): "What?!? No of course we can't get those! You know that!"
Boy (catlike voice): "Reeeeeeeaaaaarrrr!"

I had to laugh and Macy followed.

 Which reminds me of another funny Wal-Mart story. I hope it doesn't offend anyone. I don't mean for it too. But it's funny.

So while we were doing all of the renovations on the house there were lots of days that I just wore large, usually Josh's shirts, and some sweat pants pretty much all the time. I Was Working Hard People. There was always paint splatter and never make-up. Are you still reading this? Anyways, one of those days, I had to HAD to make a quick run to Wal-Mart to pick up some tortillas for tacos that night. As I was shopping around (Macy in the buggy chewing on her toe, Maddi standing at the front of buggy belting out a new song as if it sounded like Celine Dion) a lady came up to me and said, 

"I didn't know you could buy flour tortillas on WIC! I thought we could just get the corn tortillas!"


Blink. Blink.

WIC? The federally funded program for woman and children who are at a nutritional risk due to their low income?

As soon as I got out of that conversation as nicely as I could, we left. And I laughed at myself most of the way home. 

Maddi's birthday is tomorrow. Can you believe she will be six years old?!? Just yesterday she was the colicky, restless infant. I remember when people used to come up and say, "You should enjoy this time, pretty soon she will be 6 or 7" or however old their child was at the time. I always wanted to say, "Is your child sleeping all night long? Want to trade??" I'm kidding. I never asked that. Out loud. 
Practicing for her birthday!

Enjoying a snack after school. Look how much homework she finished.

I LOVE watching them play together. Maddi is an awesome big sister.

Macy being lazy eating a carrot

Love love love love love love love this baby

"Hey Maddi watch Macy real quick while I get the groceries out of the car"
"Yes Maam!"


  1. cant wait till yall are over here again and so maddi can come stay at aunt fi's house as she asked me about 10x when we were there the other day love yall very much see yall soon xoxoxoxoxoxo

  2. I always love reading your stories on here, they make me laugh. You are such a good writer- so funny! I can't believe today is Maddi's 6th birthday. Doesn't it seem like just yesterday she was turning 3?

    And I LOVE the picture of Maddi's excellent babysitting skills!

  3. love the stories!! your girls are PRECIOUS!