Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Just a post

No posts in a week! So sorry you avid followers, all 4 of you.

I worked last night and came home this morning to two very sweet happy girls! Maddi was ready earlier than usual and got in some extra play time with sister before having to leave to go to school. Their playtime usually consists of princesses, flying dragons, and slave girl which is usually the part Maddi gives Macy. Maddi soars about rescuing young princesses and saving villages while Mace looks for something to chew or tear apart.  Once Macy spits up or has a dirty diaper all games are off and Maddi usually leaves the room yelling "Gross, sick, get away, uhh mom!"

Since the big April 15th deadline is just around the corner Josh has been working a lot. Which means Maddi and I have dinner, just the two of us, fairly often. I have been reduced to conversations like this one:

Maddi: Ew, what smells like a fart?
Me: Let's not say fart at the dinner table.
Maddi: Fart? Is that a bad word? No one told me that fart was a bad word!

I wanted to say, Smelt it dealt it, sista! But you'll be glad to know, I resisted.




Milestone: Pigtails!

Doesn't she look old here?

Maddi- never misses a puddle!


  1. Hey Holly! Heidi and I had lunch today and she told me about your blog! I added you to my blog list..hope you don't mind :)
    You have such a sweet family.

  2. Oh yay, glad you found her blog!

  3. I enjoy every word you blog. You have such a sweet little family.