Friday, April 15, 2011

Six years ago

Six years ago, I had just given birth to the most fascinating baby I had ever known.

 At that time, Macy.

A whopping 6pound 13ounce little girl. A full head of blonde hair, soft round cheeks, and sweet little red lips.  You were so sweet and so small. Except for your head! I remember thinking, "Should we take out all of the furniture? Maddi's head is here." I remember the nurse telling me to say something to you, that you needed to hear my voice, I couldn't think of anything, I was in shock. I was so happy but felt so much shame. You could have possibly been born to the two most unprepared seventeen year old individuals ever. I remember hoping we would somehow make it through the first night without totally messing something up. We did, with the help of all of Longview Regionals OB nursing staff and now here you are six years old!

When we brought you home from the hospital you had so many people to love on you. I am convinced this is the way it should be. However, they are The Loudest Individuals On The Entire Planet, and you never slept. You loved being outside from day one, you loved wrestling and playing with your uncles, and you LOVED being held and rocked by Mimi. Even at 2 AM.

We loved kissing you all over your cute little face and neck. Your sweet infant smell that I just couldn't get enough of. That's much different now. I was reminded of this when you ran up to me to give me a hug after school. That smell is now gone and replaced with one similar to that of a puppy dog, full of life and wonder.

You have grown so much intellectually this past year and we are so proud. You are reading now and starting to enjoy it. You can count to 100, skipping only the "unimportant" ones. You have written and illustrated some of the best and most creative stories that I ever heard. I was so expecting something like," ONE DAY, WHILE WE WAS CLEANIN MY BABY SISTER FELL OUT HER CRIB" You have a love for animals that I will never understand. You will do almost anything if someone needs help- as long as it has NOTHING to do with sharing your M&M Blizzard.  You have some  OCD tendencies that you may or may not have gotten from me- like absolutely refusing to put sandals on if they still have that spec of dirt inside, or making sure your blankets that are on top of you before you go to sleep are PERFECTLY square on top of you. Whenever you accidently write your d backwards you will crinkle up your homework, pull out a fist full of hair and declare that you will never be able to write another letter right ever for the rest of your life. You get your dedication and hard work from your father that absolutely adores you. You have never met a stranger and love saying "Hi!" to random people walking by. You still love being outside and can be perfectly content with some mud, sticks, and rocks. You have an innocence and imagination that is just magical. Your main concern most days is wondering what the cafeteria is serving because GOD FORBID anyone make you eat a carrot or broccoli without first drenching it in ranch. You have made many new friends this year and love to come home and talk about all of the fun things that you did that day. I love listening to your stories.

BUT, my favorite thing about you is how great of a sister you are. No one can bring a smile or laugh to Macy's face as quickly as you can. No one can make her flail her arms and legs at the rate you do. You love making her happy. You are so happy around her.

Here you are right after you were born!

Taylor Man making you laugh

You love your papaw!

Isn't your dad handsome?

Here you are around 7 months

One year old!

Almost 2!

At 3 you developed a very distinct sense of style

At your old school when you were 4

Four years old! Heading to New Mexico

When you turned 5 you became a big sister. You love it

Here is daddy around your age.

Ya'll are just alike, really.

Here is mommy around your age!

Today we surprised you with your favorite lunch!
Dirty Queen!

"Macy, look over here. Macy. Macy look at mommy"
" Here you go crazy person!"

Big hugs for sister

Showing us around school. You loved this. 

Daddy and I couldn't stop smiling at each other thinking of how old and grown up you looked.

Watching you play on the playground.

You and your F.A.V.O.R.I.T.E. teacher. 

We are so so blessed to have you as our daughter. We love you very much and can't wait to celebrate your birthday! Happy Sixth Birthday!

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  1. Oh, Holly, that was just precious! Thanks for sharing Maddi's "birth"day with us!