Monday, May 2, 2011


Is finally here!
Macy turns ONE this month and Josh graduates! SO excited for both!

We will be moving back to Longview at the first of next month. I think I'll miss the Church that we're members of most. We have SUCH a good pastor. I ENJOY going and listening to what Pastor Dikes has to say. I went to Church when I was younger because WE ARE A FAMILY AND WE WILL ALL ATTEND EVERY SUNDAY SO SHUT UP AND ACT HAPPY. My brother, Trip, and I would always go look for donuts that were left over in the Sunday School rooms so that we'd be a  bit late to the actual service. Maybe, if we were lucky, we'd miss the singing of the HYMNALS. Trip would usually fall asleep in my moms lap and I'd play hangman BY MYSELF or draw a picture of a beach. Anything that would last until the invitation when I would BEG my mom to let me go pick up Taylor early. I LOVED running through the halls and down the stairs to pick him up from the nursery. Maybe it's because I'm older and OBVIOUSLY SO MUCH WISER, that I enjoy going now. Anyways, yesterday Pastor Dikes did a thing called "You know you're a baptist if.."
One of my favorites was, "You know you're a baptist if you really believe Jesus turned water into Welch's grape juice."

I got a new job in Longview at Good Shepherd working in their Surgical ICU. I start mid May and am pretty excited/nervous about it. This excitement will wear off the first day when I have to eat hospital cafeteria food for breakfast and lunch. I have to do a week of orientation from 8-5 which means my parents, brothers, and neighborhood kids will all get to keep Macy. You better act good Mace, you and Maddi are our only shot into their will. And I NEED that Starbucks card and antique furniture. You sleep SO good over there in your little round crib. This makes no sense by the way. If we just THINK of tip toeing past your room here you're wide awake in seconds. Jumping in your crib all "Where we going?? Where we going?? Mom?? Mom?? Hey HUMANS WHERE ARE WE GOING?? My brothers can run up the stairs MAKING THE HOUSE TREMBLE and you'll stay sleeping. Or, even better, your mimi can talk on the phone and you stay asleep! She is THE LOUDEST PERSON ON PLANET EARTH while she is talking on the phone. I don't think that deaf person can hear you mom, maybe if you SCREAMED A LITTLE LOUDER the windows would explode and there would be ONE LESS BARRIER. You can sleep through it all over there. And soon, you will LOVE all the noise and excitement as much as your sister does. Always something new and fun.

Too bad my mom isn't coming here to watch Macy. Before I even make it to Longview from Tyler, she could wash the dishes, fold all my laundry, mop my entire house, paint the girls rooms, and plant all new flowers. If I hit a lot of red lights she could also mow the yard and repaint my kitchen cabinets.

Josh has fallen asleep while reading to Maddi a few times last week, and when I would go in her room, I was reminded of why she doesn't sleep with us. She sleeps EXACTLY like I do. Like she's practicing karate in her sleep.She's never under the covers or even lying parallel with the bed. Her body is usually in some impossible position like her knees all the way to her forehead. She also can wiggle her way out of the bed so that her whole body is on the floor except for her head. Like she's using her mattress as a pillow. We don't dare wake her up.

I have been making some outfits for some friends and for some baby showers that I've gone too. I hope  to be able to keep doing this for more showers. It probably won't happen though. I'm lazy like that.

We have some friends that are having twins! One girl and one boy!

My awesome brothers

My favorite men. Look at Taylor!

LOVE my mom and sister! Where's Brooke??

There we go!

Sweet Macy and Mimi

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  1. Hahahahaha! So true and so funny about your mom cleaning, painting AND planting in such short time! Lol I'll have to get you a Star-Bs card so it'll be one less thing to fight Trippers over! Haha