Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Macy Gracey

Happy First Birthday Macy Lou!
Here you are just 3 weeks before you were born!

Right after you were born. What a blessing you are!

If you're lucky, you'll look JUST like her!

We love  you so so much. You have brought SO much joy and delight to all of us. You just had your one year old checkup and you H.A.T.E.D it. Three shots AND a blood test. How dare they. You are now in the 9th percentile for your weight, 20th percentile for your height, and 75th percentile for your head! We assume this is the reason you aren't walking yet, or even trying to. Or you're just lazy. You're a great eater although your parents are Com.plete. Mor.ons. We have been feeding you whole milk from a bottle instead of a sippy cup (YOU prefer this), we have been giving you about 24 oz of milk per day when all you need is 16, AND I don't think I have been talking to you enough because you can't say 5 words yet. COME ON, I could have barked at you for the first 6 months of your life and you would have found it just as instructional as if I were reading you the dictionary. YOU try talking to someone who refuses to answer you and gives you no indication that she can distinguish your voice from the dishwasher.

However, you are becoming a person now! Your sweet, babbling personality is so fun and MUCH more enjoyable. There used to only be so many ways we could entertain you: Let's walk into the kitchen again! Let's look out the window! Here, chew on my finger! Now, you're talking, listening, crawling, playing, and developing into a very sweet little girl.

The majority of this past month has been spent watching you in amazement at how fast of a crawler you are. And how fast you can transition from a crawling position to a sitting one with a very mischievous "I didn't eat it, there. is .Nothing. In. My. Mouth. so. just. keep. walking." look in your eyes. You crawl faster than most other kids your age, which means you should be reading by the time you're 16. Make us proud.

You have the sweetest personality and we can't get enough of you. You love when Maddi and I sing and dance with you. You love your playtime with daddy and will do anything to get his attention. You love making everyone laugh and often get shy when too many people, more than 3, are around. You are the baby that has to be walked around by all the nursery workers because you won't stop crying for mommy and daddy. Once you cried for over an hour and they had to call us to come pick you up. You're getting better with that.

You still love your sleep and can now say "nigh, nigh" when we lay you down in your crib. You can also say Da Da but refuse to even make the mmm sound for Mama. You love to clap your hands and smile with your little wrinkled up nose. You are absolutely the sweetest baby. You love fruit, boiled egg whites, and green beans. And, when your dad is home, your favorites are ice cream, ice, chocolate cake, M&M blizzards, and milk shakes. He is so smitten with you and you know it.

You can disappear in the two seconds it takes me to set you on the floor and say, "I gotta go get your diaper, stay RIGHT THERE." You don't get into too much trouble when I'm not in the room to catch you because what's the fun in that? The fun is knowing that you're not supposed to open that drawer, and when I look at you and say, "Nu uh uh" you go ahead, jerk open the drawer then flee the room giggling.

Lately, you have started to fore go your morning nap. CUT IT OUT. You love going on walks, playing in sand, mud, or dirt, and watching sister run around and play. You LOVE when she gets home from school. She often runs to you, whisks you up off the floor, and heads straight to her room with you. You don't even mind letting her be the princess or queen while she proudly announces you as the dog, pig, or slave. Which ever fits the particular storyline best. Last week, while practicing for her part in the Jack and Jill play, she was dumbfounded as to what you should be. Then, a light bulb went off and she said, "Macy, can be the HILL!!"

Your grandparents, aunts, and uncles absolutely adore you and give you everything you want already. Papaw and Mimi love to play with you and hold you. Nee Nee loves watching you crawl around the floor and playing with all the new toys she has bought you. Which is usually ALOT. We also never have to worry about clothing you. Mimi gets you a new little outfit or dress just about everytime she visits and when we go in to visit Nee Nee we know that the she has bought everything from Gymboree's newest line. Even matching shoes that I can't wait for you to be ale to fit in! We LOVE this. You are so fun to dress up!

This morning, while I was getting you dressed and playing peek a boo, you crawled up to me, pressed your nose against my cheek and smiled. There are only a few moments in life as sweet as this. Thank you so much for that. We love you so much and can't wait to watch you grow even more! I love being your mommy. 

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  1. Your family is so precious! I love reading your stories. Both your girls are beautiful!