Monday, May 9, 2011

Mothers Day

We ended up having a great Mothers Day just relaxing and spending time with family. BUT check out how it started:

2AM: Macy throws up ALL over herself and crib. I changed her sheets, changed her diaper where she had just emptied her whole bowel system, then we lay her down with us where she falls right to sleep. Then we just stare at her. For a while. Her tiny little body, arms folded peacefully behind her head, sweet little lips, watching the rise and fall of her chest. Then around 2:45 I realize I'm not going to get any sleep because I'm just going to stare and kiss on her  all night so I pick her up and place her in her crib where she never even notices.

3:30AM: Maddi walks in and taps on my shoulder. OVER AND OVER. Only to ask me what time it is and if she should get up now or later.

4:00 Maddi comes back in the room to inform me that she just peed in her bed and WILL NOT go back in there to sleep. So I clean her off and she sleeps on the couch.


8:00 Macy wakes up. I stretch and yawn for a while.

8:15 I roll out of bed to go get Macy who has diarrhea all over her sheets now! YAY! Happy Mothers Day! Yay! Maddi is awake and coloring and working on a puzzle. I'm not even sure if she slept on the couch. Has she been coloring since 4:00 AM?? Oh well. She's in a great mood and gave me some sweet hugs and kisses all morning. I'd like to think it's because she knew it was Mothers Day but I'm pretty sure it's because I made her cinnamon toast. And she'll do anything for that.

8:45 Josh is getting ready for Church and I'm getting Maddi ready. Which goes something like this: Maddi, see this dress? Repeat after me. "I will put this dress on. Then I will put my sandals on" She repeats it until I think she means it and then I go change ANOTHER diarrhea diaper from Macy and make Macy her breakfast. I come back to Maddi's room and she's sitting on her knees on top of her dress finishing up her puzzle.

9:20 Josh and Maddi leave for Church and it's just Macy and I and all of Macy's bowel movements.

11:30 Josh and Maddi come home and we all go to Walmart to grab a few things before my family comes over for Mothers Day because Roadhouse was too crowded and Macy wasn't feeling well.

12:30 Finally all my family is here! We ate and visited for a while then watched the basketball and baseball games. I love getting to spend time with them.

Macy is now feeling much better and back to her sweet playful self.

Next week is orientation for my new job and I'm starting to get more excited about it! I love getting to be a stay at home mom and getting to go to all of Maddi's class events. This is just a PRN position so I can pick the days that I can work. I've thought about going back full time once Macy gets a little older, but I probably won't. I loved having my mom home with us when we were younger and I love spending time with these sweet girls. Even at 2AM.  


  1. you certainly must have felt, So sorry Macy was ill.

  2. What a memorable Mother's Day for you! :)