Saturday, February 18, 2012

Little kicks

Our little one is kicking! I love this feeling. I love being reminded of the sweet little child growing inside of me. Moving all around. Silently. Which we know to enjoy while we can.

Josh comes back home tonight from a review course he has been taking and we can't wait! The boys girls have been so ready to tackle and play. Things only their dad can do.

Maddi has been doing so well in school. Her homework is still a dread and even more so now that Josh is working/studying so much. But when he's home it usually goes something like this..
The other day she had to find 5 rectangular prisms around the house. 
"Um, go ask your father."   "He told me to ask you?" "Well then, next question."

Macy is attached to her popup book and will insist on you reading it to her for the 56th time with the same enthusiasm as the first. So I hid it the other day and totally forgot where. Macy is still attached to either Josh or I but it's getting better. She no longer gags herself when we leave! But she wants you by her side all the time. Read with me, sit with me, breathe for me. Maddi was never like that. Even now on the weekends she usually eats breakfast, plays with Macy for a little while, then goes and does her own thing. Until the early afternoon when she realizes she hasn't rolled her eyes at me yet. I think this is the reason why I have a harder time putting Macy in a Mothers Day out program than I did Maddi. 

I've been staying home with her and not working much outside of our house. I have to keep reminding myself that being a stay at home mom is just as important as a working one. Although, our bank account seems to reflect differently. I think every mom struggles with the decision to work or stay home. Especially when your child reaches the terrible twos, or has diarrhea. For a month. As for now, we both agree that that's what is best for our family. We think.

Playing in their cave

Reading Fancy Nancy with dad in the cave!

Loving their art table

Proof we don't just sit at home and watch Real Housewives. All of the time.

Macy at 20 months! Getting so big!

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