Thursday, February 9, 2012

How I wish I had wood floors.

Maddi had been asking for a new room for a while now. Actually, I told her I'd do it by last Christmas. Oops.

I thought I would wait until we moved out of the apartment but decided I couldn't put it off any longer. And I was running out of things to sew.

Anyways, I spent most of my free time this week ironing, hemming, and sewing her new pillows, duvet, and curtains. And she had no idea. I finished up most of it today and rearranged it with Macy's help. We surprised her with it this afternoon after school. 

Ignore that Elf on the Shelf back there. We really take advantage of those things.

She loves it! Happy Early Valentines Day sweet girl. We love you!

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  1. sweet! You did a great job. I finished sewing my first dress from the youtube video this past week. I LOVED her video. Very helpful! I had never sewed a button hole, ruffles, or sinching thing in the back (whatever that was called). So fun. Thanks again for sharing it with me. I will try to post a picture on my blog soon.
    (I want wood floors too! We have carpet EVERYWHERE! Hopefully someday we will~ something to look forward too! :)