Wednesday, February 1, 2012

4 Months Along

Hello baby!
You are now about 4 months old and getting bigger every day. You're now about the size of an avocado. Yummy. We don't know your gender yet and won't find out until you're born.  You're oldest sister, Maddi, is hoping for another sister. She loves talking to you. About anything. She also loves resting her hand on my stomach-just in case you decide to kick.

This trimester is much better than the first. More energy and no nausea! Some of your favorites are grapes, apples, now and laters, warheads, and a little bit of coffee. And I happily oblige.

I have started picking up different items that I'd like for your nursery small space in mom and dads room. You'll get to share a room with us until we move. I don't think you'll mind. You'll get to use the same crib as your sisters if I can strip,sand,and paint it in time. We really can not wait until you're here.

We'll be seeing you in about 5 1/2 more months!

Macy brushing her hair before going to Mimi's!

Getting so tall!

No more buggy!

Walmart does this on purpose.

Getting ready to do some grocery shopping!

Her favorite pop up book

What I had to resort to during the first trimester!


  1. when you have time will you send me the link to making your cute clothes! thanks :)

  2. So excited about this little avocado! We love him/her already.