Thursday, March 3, 2011

Fancy Nancy

 Maddi has a "Character Parade" at school tomorrow. The kids get to pick their favorite character from a book and then dress up like them and parade around the school and court yard for the parents and other faculty. Maddi can't wait. This is totally her thing. She is starting to get a little shy about some things, but for the most part a parade of any kind is right up her alley. She has chosen to be Fancy Nancy. We love this character. Such a fun, crazy dressed, mismatched, smart little girl. I made her an outfit out of some fabrics she helped pick out. However, she refuses to wear the leggings. Just a dress, she insists. We tried it all on whenever she got out of school today. She loved it.

Afterwards, I had to make a few phone calls, one being to ATT about our plan which lasted 54 minutes! I was in the study talking to them on the phone while looking up other rates on the computer. Macy was asleep and I assumed Maddi was playing in her room. She was not. She was however, watching Off the Map. ABC's (I think) new show about the doctors in a jungle. She watched the entire episode before I even realized it. I went in there just as the show was going off and she says, "Man, that show is awesome."


I love this girl.

So fancy!

This is her "fancy nancy pose"

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  1. I bet she had such a great time at the parade! Maybe all she will take away from the show is that she wants to be a doctor :)
    I cannot stop laughing at the "fancy nancy" pose!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!