Thursday, March 24, 2011

Almost For Sale

Remember how I said we had been making lots of progress lately? Here are some pictures of the rooms that are 99% of the way done! We have one more worker coming tomorrow morning to finish up some flooring in the bedrooms and then it will be complete! Almost.  :)

Our realtor sent us some pictures of the house when we bought it. I'll post those too. Hope you like it!

                             This is what it looked like when we bought it! Ahh, what were we thinking??

Fresh paint and flowers!

                                                    Formal living and dining area.

Same rooms!

                                                           The living room.

                                                   Other half of living room

Much less dungeon like.

                                                The Kitchen and breakfast nook.

                                                Aren't these pictures awesome?

Some small drapes I made last night.
Keep the white linen ruffle or take it off??
Can't decide!

Had to sneak this in here. Look at her little legs!

                                                                   The Study

The other half of the house will be finished tomorrow! Can't wait!

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  1. Holly, your transformation is AMAZING!! I can't believe how much work y'all did...and so quickly. It seems like y'all just bought this house! I had to buy a house that was already remodeled as I couldn't see the potential in some of them that you did. It looks great - hope you make a killing in profit when you sell!