Tuesday, September 6, 2011

First Grade

A few weeks ago, Maddi started first grade.

Had to let that sink in just a little, becasuse the memories I have of holding her as an infant and thinking OH MY GOD, HOT POTATO! are distinct.

We walked her to class on her first day, which means we all woke up early, showered, AND got dressed all before 7:30. This upset our normal morning routine just a bit as I normally slip on pants and take her wearing the shirt I slept in. We stopped and took a few pictures in front of the school which were "a little emberassing, MOM" and then we walked her into her classroom. We put her lunch box and backpack on the wall-hanger outside of her room and then helped her get settled into her desk. She hugged us both and then waved goodbye.
One of my favorite memories was that day, as she smiled sheepishly to her classmates and hugged us goodbye. Such a wonderful little girl that we're so blessed with.

She has Mrs. Maddox for a teacher and loves her to death. Every day is better than the previous one and she is learning so much already. This week she got the Proud Panther award and got to decorate a poster about herself and gets some special time hanging out with the principal this week.

Macy also went to her first daycare last week. Josh and I both worked, and my parents had to go out of town so she went to a little daycare for a few hours. I thought this would be good for her. If you follow this blog, you know she has some crazy seperation issues. Like the time the nursery worker had to come get us from working out becuase she was crying and gagging herself.

Good times!

I called several times to check on her and they said she was doing well for her first day. AND, she even laid down and took a nap on her nap mat. However, I haven't called and signed her up for another day because she's had a runny nose and diarrhea ever since. You win, Macy.

After school this past week

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