Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Good Morning Maddi

My alarm went off  this morning at 7. I yawned and stretched for a while then fell out of bed around 7:25. Maddi was up and getting ready for her dentist appointment. Since she's six years old now, she is able to get up by herself, gets herself dressed, and get herself something to drink. 

Parents of toddlers: YOUR FUTURE IS AWESOME.

Once we were ready, we headed to her dentist appointment to get a filling. At least that's what we thought!
Maddi has teeth just like mine and they're way too close together and there is no room for her permanent teeth to come in. Which is why her baby teeth didn't fall out, her permanent teeth are just starting to grow BEHIND them.  SO, while the dentist already had her mouth numbed, she pulled her bottom teeth. ALL FOUR OF THEM. Because not only do we not have any room for our baby teeth, our permanent teeth are HUGE. 

Our dentists bank account would like to thank this lovely gene pool.

So now were back home. Weaning off the sweet air also known as nitrous oxide. Which by the way can not be converted into a liquid and then poured into a bottle for a teething 14 month old. 

Here are the pictures she wanted everyone to see!

While we were waiting on the dentist.

Right when we got home.
Just a little bit of bloody drool.

See her two permanent teeth back there?
They should now have room to move forward!

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